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HAA Interactive Kiosk



Immersive Data at a Human Scale

The Horatio Alger Association was looking for a way to bring the stories of their scholarship programs to life. In partnership with M1 Interactive, Belmondo designed a data visualization experience with an interactive touchscreen kiosk.

Using dynamic maps, archival photography and color coded data schematics, this project allows members, scholars and guests to interact with the Horatio Alger scholarship data. Beyond the raw numbers, the real story is about the young individuals who demonstrate the principles of integrity, hard work, perseverance, and compassion towards others.

This kiosk had its inaugural debut at the Horatio Alger Association's annual award ceremony in Spring 2018 and contributed to record-setting fundraising activities.

(Project Management: Decibel Management; Hardware/Software Integration: M1 Interactive; Back End Software: Media Made Great; Fabrication, Construction and Booth Design: Design Foundry)