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The Story of a Product


At Belmondo, we are often asked to create video stories that connect products to consumers. But what happens when the product is under development, or the target market is not yet defined? As it turns out, rich video can play a key role in ongoing research. Samsung’s Product Innovation Team has worked with Belmondo on a number of these videos.

Since some of these videos cover confidential products, we're not at liberty to show you the entire clips. But we can tell you about our process, and how we can contribute to a product research program.

Belmondo is adept at fieldwork, and we’ve sent film crews to three different continents to document the behavior of consumers. Often this is a process of discovery, yielding insights that can be shaped into a high-level narrative. Once we’ve returned from the field, our copywriters and creatives collaborate with the Samsung team to develop an original script and storyboard for the product or market video.

Our film and animation team will create original graphics and editorial photography, sometimes using actors and sets to dramatize the possibilities of a prototype product. Lastly our postproduction crew cranks through the revisions, often times generating versions of the video in multiple languages.

Video storytelling does not need to communicate exclusively with the end consumer. It can be a vital medium for delivering internal market research, expressing use cases, and experimenting with branding and messaging.