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Belmondo has operated as an independent full-service agency since 2011, producing everything from commercial video and mobile apps to branding campaigns and trade show exhibits.

We are a family of designers, filmmakers, writers, and market researchers, collaborating remotely and in-person at our central office in San Rafael, California.

Come visit us sometime—our office is located in the historic 32Ten Studios, former headquarters of Industrial Light and Magic. We have a THX certified screening room, color correction and audio post facilities, and Northern California’s largest production stage. 


Leadership Team


Joanna Ellis
Co-Founder, Creative Director

Joanna's career has spanned agency work for Wieden + Kennedy, entertainment sites for Cottonblend, product design for Ticketmaster and Yahoo!, where she led the design of the award-winning Elections and News categories. Her work has enjoyed wide recognition, including an Addy® Award, an American Inhouse Design Award, and publication in David E. Carter's book Logo 2.0. 


Peter Brambl
Co-Founder, Creative Director

Peter's multidisciplinary approach to product marketing and design is a reflection of his diverse experience as a copywriter, filmmaker, and creative director for major brands.  His client projects range from Fortune 500 companies (Adobe, Chase, AOL, Cendant) to nimble technology startups (Topspin, Fluence) to high-profile entertainment (Paul McCartney, David Byrne, Eminem). 



Dan Hontz
Producer, Program Manager

Dan's career in media has spanned everything from major newspapers to Internet giants and mobile app startups. Trained as a photo-journalist, Dan has filled various roles, including writer, editor, photographer, and producer. In leadership roles, he's overseen product and operations of major media properties including Yahoo! News, and  

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Patti Parker
Market Research Specialist

Patti began her market research career in 1999 and has developed a passion for talking to consumers and uncovering insights ever since. A RIVA trained moderator, Patti has conducted hundreds of focus groups and contextual inquiries. Patti has held senior positions at Market Strategies International (MSI), Doxus and Gartner as well as growth and development roles at Brand New Corporation and Griggs-Anderson Research.


Alex Pham
Content Strategist

Alex has spent her career honing storytelling techniques, working as a reporter and journalist for the L.A. Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post, and Billboard magazine, and as a content strategist for companies like Nielsen, Marriott, Capital One, McDonalds. She applies editorial techniques to help companies tell authentic stories that reflect their brand values, engage current and prospective audiences and build brand authority.



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